March 12, 2015

We are particularly excited that Roksan has followed up on the success of the K2 series of electronics with the new K3!
It is no secret that we have had an affinity to this brand that spans many years.
Today we received our new K3 Integrated amplifier ($2,600 RRP) which is quite an advancement of the K2 version that incidentally continues in the Roksan product range.
The integrated amplifier is partnered with a new CD player (RRP $2,550).
Going against the grain – the manufacturer forthrightly states that large sections of audiophiles continue to use this as their primary source.
As for the new Integrated Amplifier we note improvements in components and a power rating that now boasts an impressive 140 watts on 8 Ohms which increases to 220 watts on 4 Ohms.
Although designed and manufactured in England – the finish off the K3 series also borrows from the Oxygene range in that the casework has been completed in Germany.
We were truly amazed by the workmanship and it certainly is extremely unique amongst the casework produced typically by most manufacturers.
Again much like the revised K2 BT and Oxygene, you can easily connect on via Apt-x Bluetooth to stream your music on the fly if necessary.
In Australia finishes in either black or silver are available from the local distributor.