December 07, 2013

It has now been just over twelve months since we renamed Secher Audio Visual and gave new life to the business as Melbourne Hi Fi.

The biggest change for many was our move from our former home at 122-124 Highfield Road, Camberwell, to our new purpose built facilities in Hawthorn.

Secher Audio Visual had been located in “Sleepy Hollow” (milk bar street location) since 1980. A location that had served our business well for it's time, but in today’s market it was placing us at a significant disadvantage. 

Many of our competitors had for decades enjoyed trading advantages by being located on a main road. We saw this as an opportunity to finally be able to trade on a fair and even basis.

Funnily enough a few quizzed us on the name change. Some stalwarts of the industry felt we were desecrating a Hi Fi icon. We decided to ignore them and simply focus on delivering a better outcome than we had previously.

Product procurement was refined and a painful but necessary procedure. New brands made an impressive introduction in 2013, which included popular favourite Naim Audio.

As much as the above factors are important we recognised the most important thing that needed to change was our culture. Much more was going to be expected than when we were located at Sleepy Hollow.

We are proud to say that this year was our most successful year in five years and was so because of all of the above reasons.

2014 promises to be a better year and we look forward to re-engaging with you again.

We also take this opportunity to thank everyone which includes:

  • Our old friends at Secher Audio Visual who followed us across
  • Our new friends we met as Melbourne Hi Fi
  • Our staff who rose to the challenge and demonstrated their ability to transform a business that for years was on the verge of demise
  • Our suppliers who invested a great deal of faith in our overhaul and were prepared to support our vision
  • Our family & friends that worked well beyond the call of duty and facilitated the move from Camberwell to Hawthorn

Thank you for all of your support.

Con Dikeos
Melbourne Hi Fi