October 16, 2015

Melbourne HiFi is proud to announce that we have been appointed a KEF Reference dealer.

Launched in 2014, retailers were treated to a demonstration and seminar by George Perkins of KEF’s Research and Engineering team, the first shipment of KEF Reference has landed in Australia and is now available for audition at our store.

Melbourne HiFi were Australia's first retailer to feature the legendary KEF Blade loudspeakers, two years later still on display and ready for audition. We're very proud of our relationship with KEF and their Australian distributor, Advance Audio.

The KEF Reference range includes Reference 1 bookshelf, Reference 3 floorstanding and Reference 5 floorstanding loudspeakers.

As Melbourne's only KEF Reference dealer, we welcome you to come in and join us for an audition. Bring your favorite tunes, vinyl or digital. We'd be only too happy to accommodate you.

You can view the KEF Reference range here:

Of course, you're very welcome to come in and audition KEF Blade as well.