January 18, 2017

Melbourne Hi Fi’s newly renovated Audition Suite is NOW OPEN. After extensive renovations we are very excited to announce the opening of suite 5.

Specifically suitable for larger systems having the ability to pressurise the nearly 74m of cubic volume, this substantial space measures approximately 5.8m x 4.1m x 3.1m.

With attention to acoustic isolation, the suite now presents a low noise floor and showcases the true capabilities of dynamics from systems placed within the space.

Melbourne Hi Fi are using the stunning AVM Ovation range of reference equipment including the PA8 pre-amplifier and MA 8.2 mono amplifiers.

AVM Ovation PA8 Pre-amplifier

To make a brief description of the PA8 is a challenge in the light of its enormous versatility. The ability for personal configuration is virtually limitless as there are many possible ways to customise the unit.

Completely modular, the PA8 preamp chassis is made from 8mm thick aluminum, and features slots for 8 inputs and two output modules of choice (solid state and/or valve output).

AVM Ovation MA8.2 Mono Power Amplifiers

The Ovation MA8.2 amplifiers deliver nearly any desired power level even into critical load loudspeakers without loss of control over the driver units.

Far over 1200 Watts into 4 Ohms with the MA8.2.

The power supply consists of two 200.000 µF Capacitor banks.

The MA8.2 power amplifier itself is a balanced construction. That means two amplifiers in bridge connection. Each of the power amps has its own transformer and capacitor bank. The amplifiers use 24 output-FETs each and thus are able to deliver over 180 amperes permanently.

These extremely capable monsters are so comfortable driving difficult speaker loads with jaw dropping; goose bumping palpability an exceptional sonic experience!

Paired up with the KEF Reference 5 Speakers, it's a truly stunning musical performance, with scale, dimension and presence, generally reserved for much more expensive speakers. The KEF Reference 5 will have you wanting more!

With digital source being provided by the equally impressive AVM Ovation CD8.2 CD player, the delicate detail through to immersive crescendos, focus and sonic stability of image, this system truly impresses the listener.

The systems we place within Suite 5 are sure to display the true nature of their performance capabilities.

When sound is important, hear the difference at Melbourne Hi Fi,

Call us today for a no obligation audition today.

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