December 01, 2019

The Pro-Ject Essential III collection is the most versatile turntable range we have in our store! There is something to peak the interest of any level of vinyl freak within the 3x models.

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We have the:

Essential III -  A seriously good-looking vanilla turntable suitable for your existing amp (with phono) and speakers.

Essential III Phono - A deck to pair with your non traditional hifi gear like a soundbar or powered speakers as it already has the phono stage on-board the turntable.

Essential III Recordmaster - One with all the bells and whistles. Phonostage, speed control and USB recording are all built-in. This turntable even allows you to digitize your music, to save your rare vinyl tracks to your computer, making them portable.

For Christmas & Boxing Day, we have a HUGE special on all Essential III turntables in Red & White. Come and read a little more, click the link in our bio or give us a call to see which model is best for you!