April 02, 2019



The Promotion & How it Works

The Upsize Promotion is available from 1 April and ends 31 May 2019.
The promotion is split between bookshelf and floor standing speakers. 
For example, buy the Q150 bookshelf speakers and we will upsize you to the Q350 for FREE!

kef q350 bookshelf speakers KEF Q750 FLOORSTANDING SPEAKERS sale free upgrade KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speakers SALE -FREE UPGRADE PROMO - melbourne hi fi
Buy the Q350 for the Q150 price
$995 now $795 
Buy the Q750 for Q550 price
$2,395 now $1795
Buy the Q950 for Q750 price
$2,795 now $2395
Shop Q350 Shop Q750 Shop Q950

Available in Black, White and Walnut. 


KEF Q Series FREE UPSIZE promotion Melbourne Hi Fi
The Q Series was first introduced in 1991, the multiple award-winning Q Series has long delighted music lovers and audiophiles with outstanding sound quality and innovative design. The Q Series, now in its 8th iteration, brings high resolution sound with more depth and more clarity.
The Q Series recently won the EISA HOME THEATRE SPEAKER SYSTEM 2018-2019 award. You can read more about this prestigious award clicking below.


Can you get the Q550 for the Q350 price? 
No. The promotion is split into two categories. Bookshelf and Floorstanding speakers. You can not upsize a bookshelf speaker to a floor standing speaker. 

Are there any special offers if I physically want the Q150 speakers? 
There are no additional or further discounts or bonus offers if you physically want the Q150 besides upsizing you to the Q350 for the same price. 

Are there any special offers if I physically want the Q550 speakers? 
There are no additional or further discounts or bonus offers if you physically want the Q550 besides upsizing you to the Q750 for the same price. 



Terms & Conditions

E&OE. Free Upsize offer only applicable to selected KEF Q Series range between 1 April and 31 May 2019. Available at authorised KEF Q Series retailers that have been approved by the Australian KEF distributor Advance Audio Australia. Applicable models are separated into two types of speakers, Bookshelf and Floorstanding Speakers. Bookshelf speakers include Q350 for the price of the Q150. Floor-standing speakers: Buy Q750 for the Q550 price, buy Q950 for the Q750 price. No other discounts apply. These selected Q Series speakers are available in Black, White and Walnut.


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