June 24, 2019

The latest buzzword in homes seems to be SMART.
So what makes a home truly smart?

Here are some pointers:

Most homes have some form of smart capabilities already. You may play music through a wireless speaker, you may have motorised blinds, or lights that you can control with your phone (or voice control via Alexa or Google Home), you may have an intercom that you can view and communicate with while you’re not at home...
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It can be a bit clunky with all of those separate technologies cluttering up your phone and they will each have their own unique way of executing commands. Many people are also worried about making their homes too high tech: becoming too dependent on technologies that seem to make life more complicated rather than easier. These people think Smart Homes are Dumb!

The key is simplicity.

All of these technologies are supposed to be designed to simplify your life. As Control4 puts it, we want a “unified and orchestrated” system that combines a broad mix of products from a variety of companies. Making things easier for you to focus on what matters more to you. To truly make your home smart you need technologies that don’t make your brain hurt.
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Take the simple task of returning home with groceries. You can do it the old fashioned way, juggling grocery bags while fumbling with your keys, wrestling the door open, and fumbling for the light switch or blinds so that you can see to stagger to the kitchen bench.
You enter your personalised pincode on your door station and the home recognises YOUR usual routine when entering the home. It can unlock the door so you just have to push the door open, and switch the lights on for you. It could even start playing some music for you to let the winding down begin. A REALLY SMART home might even recognise the light conditions and decide that all you need to do
is raise the blinds to see?
smart home made easy
In a truly smart home, you can still hit a switch the old fashioned way if you are so inclined (or if the network goes down), but the main benefit is to make life simpler. Eliminating the need for multiple remotes or multiple actions for routine tasks. A truly smart home recognises the changed conditions and gives you instantaneous feedback issuing different commands that suit those conditions.

Leaving you free to spend your time on the things that really matter, like playing with the kids...

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