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Vogel's TVA 6203 Cable Management Kit

by Vogel's
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Vogel's TVA 6203 Cable Management Kit

For concealing cables neatly
With the accessories in this TVA 6203 cable management kit, you have a variety of solutions readily available to neatly organise the cables around your TV. Hook-and-loop straps and cable ties, for example, but also cable markers that make it easy to keep the cables apart. The self-adhesive cable tie mounting blocks can be easily used in combination with the tie-wraps. Thanks to its compact size and shape, you can easily store the kit and refill it when needed.

Everything included in one reusable box
The kit contains no fewer than 40 items: 12 tie wraps: 6 pieces of 120 mm in length and 6 of 180 mm in length.
6 self-adhesive cable clips: 3 pieces for 1 cable and 3 for 3 cables.
8 cable ties: 4 pieces of 120 x 5 mm and 4 of 300 x 20 mm.
6 self-adhesive cable tie mounting blocks: 3 pieces of 19 x 19 mm and 3 of 23 x 23 mm.
8 cable markers.

Key Features

  • Keep your cables untangled and organised
  • No cable mess
vogel's tva 6203 cable management kit melbourne hi fi





Height:  40

Length:  200

Width:  140

Guarantee: 2 years

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