Marantz Rack Ear Kits

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Marantz Rack Ear Kits

NEW! Limited stock available. 

The Rack-Ear kits are designed to allow easy and secure mounting of all current-model AV components into standard 19-inch racks.

There are three models available to fit twenty-two 2020-21 AV components – however, many superseded models may also be compatible; please check the fit beforehand.

The kits are designed and made in Australia using 1.55mm thick ZINCANNEAL® (a zinc/iron alloy-coated steel also made in Australia by BlueScope) and each kit is powder-coated black and ready to use.

A spacer is included to complete a tidy and professional finish, plus ear-mounting screws to replace the factory-installed lid screws. Some Marantz models require a washer (also supplied) in addition to the screws.

Suitable for:

M3RU40 (suits NR1200, NR1510, NR1711)

M4RU30 (suits SR5015, SR6015)

M5RU50 (suits SR7015, SR8015, AV7706, AV8805A, MM7055, MM8077) 

Many superseded models may also be compatible; check before use.


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