AMC XCDiE Multimedia CD Player

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Type: CD Players

AMC XCDiE Multimedia CD Player

with Burr Brown DAC

Supports standard non-compressed PCM, compressed MP3, and compressed WMA Compact Discs

Option of installing 24 bit / 196 kHz up-sampler to give extra superb sound quality

Front Panel Ports: USB for Flash Drive and SD Card Socket

Rear Panel Ports: Optical and Coaxial inputs, USB for connecting to computer

If you will like to enjoy high quality sound from your DVD, Computer or Game Console, you can purchase AMC MD5501 or MD5502 module

Premium transport and servo drive system assures constant data retrieval and unsurpassed tracking performance

Use Burr Brown from TI PCM1798, 24-Bit / 192 kHz Sampling Advanced Segment D/A Converter architecture to achieve excellent dynamic performance (123dB typically) and improved tolerance to Clock Jitter. The DAC offers excellent SNR up to 123 dB typical, excellent THD+N down to 0.0005% typical and with excellent 8x Over-sampling Digital Filter giving Pass-Band Ripple down to +/- 0.002dB. The DAC can handle sampling frequency of 10kHz to 200kHz and accepts 16, 20 and 24 Bit Audio Data and it installed with Digital De-Emphasis. So, utilizing the optional modules, the DAC can be hooked to digital outputs of AV Receivers, DVDAudio/ Video, SACD, HDTV, Computer, Game Consoles (through SPDIF or USB interface if you will use AMC MD5501 or MD5502 module) and we can up-sampling the signals to 24bit/192kHz and pass through the acclaimed DAC in order to get best possible sound out from each system

Unique 5-pole linear active LPF (Low Pass Filter) prevents interference from ultrasonic noise commonly found in other CD playback systems

Advanced switching mode power supply design incorporates separate windings for the digital, analog and servo circuits to prevent interference and preserve sonic performance

EIA calibrated audio outputs ensure proper match with pre-amplifiers and receivers

Up to 20 tracks may be programmed to playback in desire order

Full-function infrared (IR) remote control with direct track access

With AMC proprietary designed switching mode power supply to cover 100 ~240VAC for using the unit in all countries in the wold and give superb sound quality by high regulated power system designs.


AUDIO OUTPUT (Ref. 1KHz/0dB, unless otherwise stated)
Disc capacity Single disc, 120 or 80mm
DAC Digital to analogue conversion Burr-Brown Advanced segment DAC architecture
Digital filter 8X over-sampling at up to 24-Bit/192KHz sampling rate
(Stop band attenuation:-98dB, pass-band ripple: +/-0.002dB)
Analogue filter 5-Pole active
Frequency response 5Hz-20KHz <+/-0.2 dB
Linearity +/-0.5 dB; 0 to -100 dB
Channel separation (20Hz to 20KHz) >100 dB
Channel imbalance <+/-0.1 dB
S/N ratio (A-weighted, measured with all zeros test disc) 115 dB
Dynamic range 102 dB
THD (at 0dB, 1KHz, A-weighted) 0.0011%
Inter-modulation distortion (19 & 20 KHz) <-110 dB
Output impedance 120 ohm
Output level at 0dB 2.2 Vrms
Wow and flutter Immeasurable (Quartz crystal accuracy)
Digital output level 0.5 Vpp
Load impedance 75 ohm
Peak emission wave length 660 nm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 430x82x300 mm
Net weight 4.0 Kgs
Power consumption 30 W
Power 240 Volt
Warranty 2 Years

0 Reviews

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