Analysis Audio Epsilon High Gloss

Analysis Audio

Type: Speakers

Epsilon is able to inundate with music fairly large listening rooms.

Easily driven, it is capable to reveal the virtues of any suitable amplifier.

With its even tone balance and remarkable bass, it can reproduce faithfully the whole dimensions of the action of the musical event.

Technical Specifications

Woofer: Planar Magnetic eff. area 407.7 sq in
Midrange/Tweeter: Direct Coupled Ribbon eff. area 35.3 sq in
Inpedance: 4 OHMS
Frequency Response: 26 - 20000 Hz
Crossover Frequency: 650 Hz
Recommended Amplifier: 50 - 300W
Dimensions: 52in(H) x 24in(W) x 2.4in(D)
Weight: 79 lb

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