Arcam and KEF Home Theatre Premium Package

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Arcam and KEF Home Theatre Premium Package

Great Price.  Only $18,787.   Valued at $20,875.

Offer available until 31 January 2022.  Hurry while stocks last.

This pack includes:

  • Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver
  • KEF R5 Floorstanding Speakers - pair (Black,White or Walnut)
  • KEF R2c Centre Channel Speaker (Black,White or Walnut)
  • KEF R8a Surround Atmos Surround speakers - pair (Black or White)
  • KEF KF92 Subwoofer

Arcam AVR20 AV Receiver

The AVR20 is a high-performance audio/visual receiver that delivers stunning realism for the ultimate home cinema experience. With an impressive 16-channel surround solution and featuring all the latest CODECs from Dolby, DTS, Auro-3D and IMAX Enhanced, the AVR20 exemplifies sound quality and engineering excellence.

The AVR20 features the efficient class AB amplification for a level of transparency that delivers the most captivating sound. 

KEF R5 Floorstanding Speaker

KEF engineers do not believe in compromise, the R5 floorstander is compact and elegant yet it delivers music and movies with ease. The svelte R5 contains a Uni-Q with 125mm (5in.) midrange driver and 25mm (1 in.) aluminium dome tweeter for incredible detail while twin 130mm (5.25in) hybrid aluminium bass units manage the bass.

KEF R2c Centre Channel Speaker

Within a home theatre environment, the centre speaker is arguably the hardest working. It helps to drive the story by handling vocal duties and most of the on-screen action. With the same Uni-Q as the main speakers, featuring a 125mm (5 in.) midrange and 25mm (1 in.) aluminium dome tweeter, R2c recreates every nuance, while matching the rest of the range tonally. The twin 130mm (5.25 in.) bass drivers allows the R2c to dig even deeper, ensuring that the audience doesn't miss a beat. 

KEF R8a Surround Atmos Surround speakers

The R8a is a flexible solution for anybody wanting to bring an all-immersive movie experience to their home. The R8a is equally at home as a Dolby Atmos speaker placed on top of another speaker or as a surround speaker mounted to the wall. Equipped with a 130mm (5.25 in.) Uni-Q array with a 25mm (1 in.) tweeter, every detail is described and steered around the listening space as the director intended.

KEF KF92 Subwoofer  

KF92 is a compact, room-friendly subwoofer engineered to deepen every listening experience. Two massive 9-inch drivers in a force-cancelling configuration are powered by an immense 1000 Watts (RMS) of power. Optimised with KEF's Music Integrity Engine™, KF92 delivers astonishing levels of deep and controlled bass.



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