Focal Aria 905 Bookshelf Speakers - Black





Aria was the first line of loudspeakers to benefit from Flax speaker driver cones. The Flax sandwich cone works wonders on voices, making them more intelligible and giving them more relief.The sonic qualities of the Flax cone deliver neutrality, presence and finesse.Flax cone drivers are characterized by their natural sound, with low coloration, their richness of reproduction in the midrange register and their tighter bass. The result is a more homogeneous sound, improved dynamics.The flax cones are made in France exclusively by Focal, the cones are entirely oriented towards acoustic performance. 

For the TNF tweeter, Focal have brought two major evolutions to their aluminum/magnesium tweeter. The suspension between the dome and its bracket uses Poron, a material with shape memory.This suspension method is directly derived from the famous Utopia Beryllium tweeter, The inverted dome’s spatial characteristics and very low directivity guarantees an incredibly stable sound stage which makes the listening position much less critical.

Despite its small size, the Aria 905 bookshelf loudspeaker is capable of reproducing sound worthy of a much bigger loudspeaker whilst providing very natural sound without any artificiality. 

It is recommended for rooms measuring from 10m2 (107ft2) and for a listening distance of 2m.



The enclosure’s front vent and built-in wall mount enable easy wall-mounting without constraints of the speaker.

Dimensions: 21.2cm (W) x 33.4cm (H) x 24.5cm (D)



  • Compact loudspeaker
  • New Flax cone
  • New TNF tweeter
  • Speaker drivers developed and manufactured in France by Focal

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