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Atlas Cables: Asimi Ultra Luxe RCA Interconnects

Atlas Cables

The Asimi Ultra RCA is a state-of-the-art pure silver interconnect designed to be effectively ‘invisible’ in the replay chain and to reveal the entire content and ambience of the recording without any sense of exaggerated detail or brightness. The original aim of the Atlas Asimi project was to take a completely fresh look at cable design and, where necessary, to develop new techniques to create a cable which would satisfy the most critical listeners for years to come. For this latest generation version, Atlas again went back to basics, re-assessing their existing design & manufacturing processes, exploring different construction methods and experimenting with new materials.

Construction = Twin multicore dual drain

Material = OCC pure silver

Dielectric = Microporous PTFE (Teflon™)

Screen = Braid SPC + Cu Mylar™, 100%

Capacitance = 50.17 pF/m

Inductance = 0.7162 µH/m

Resistance = 0.0181 Ohms/m

VOP = 0.81

Outside Diameter = 8.5mm

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