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Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands

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Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands

Limited Stock Available.  

The Audioengine DS2 Desktop Stands (also known as bookshelf speakers) were designed to make the best of a desktop setting by first and foremost aiming the speakers higher. This brings the tweeters closer to ear level, and reinforces the frequencies that make up your music’s sound stage. The DS2 Desktop Stands work best with larger speakers like the A5+, P4, HD4, HD6 or similar-sized speakers.

High-Performance Silicone Rubber

Vibration destroys the clarity of a high-quality set of speakers, these stands are specifically designed to drastically reduce vibration to give a noticeably clearer sound as well as an ear-level listening experience.

Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands (A5+) | JB Hi-Fi

Optimized Sound

Improve your sound with an optimized 15 degree angle.



Dimensions:  12.7 x 5.71 x 19.68cm


Compatibility:  Small Computer Speaker
Material:  Upper Body: Silicone Rubber


Manufacturer Warranty:  3 Year

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