AVM Evolution A5.2T Integrated Amplifier with Tube Prestage


Type: Amplifiers

The amazingly beautifully laid out tube stage is visible thru the glass window in the top cover. The subtle glow of the tubes can be observed thru the tinted glass window. 

AVM emphasizes that all functions may be operated intuitively. At the same time a large selection of adjustments and individual settings is supplied. The perfectly machined housing without visible screws is simultaneously serving as a heat sink in it’s entirety. Standard versions are silver and black, other individual finishes are available upon request. 

The A5.2T is a very versatile integrated amplifier and shares core values known from amplifier models in the Evolution Line: Five line inputs, a front input and 3 slots for the optional plug-in modules connect it to any source. Additional poweramps (i.e. for Bi-amping) can be connected via RCA Cinch. Active subwoofer may connect to the processor in/out. Comfortable menu functions allow the user an individual configuration of the A5.2T according to your personal likings (input names, sensitivity etc.). The sophisticated handling concept makes it easy to use. It’s enormous power enables it to drive all possible speakers in the market with ease. Two pairs of speakers may be connected individually. This way the A5.2T will provide pure, long lasting joy of listening at all times.

Like all AVM hi-fi components the A5.2T is carefully developed and assembled by our engineers in Malsch, Germany. Our vendors for housing and electronic parts reside all near-by. This proximity helps us to easily ensure and maintain superb quality level of the supplied parts for the AVM hi-fi components made of these.

During the manufacturing process we perform repeatedly numerous tests to insure the absolute quality of our products. When the assembling is finished and the first inspection is done all units must pass a run in test in order to prove their reliability. After that a careful final inspection follows before packing & shipping. All this ensures creating a perfect product from AVM for our customers.

  • Ultra strong integrated amplifier with tube prestage
  • High efficiency output stages with 350 W/ch
  • 5 line input (4 x cinch & 1 XLR), 1 processor in/out, 2 pre out (Cinch and XLR)
  • Line inputs maybe set up as home theatre thruputs
  • Headphone output may be used as front input
  • 3 Slot for phono-module (MM and MC), FM Tuner module (UKW RDS), USB DAC module with upsampling to 192 kHz/24 bit
  • 4 separate power supplies: separate power supply for tube section, separate power supply for preamp section, individual power supplies for output stages of each channel. (double mono)
  • Power supply with small stray field, minimized stand-by power consumption
  • Switchable loudspeaker pairs (A & B)
  • Parametric loudness, bass and treble controls (can be bypassed)
  • Large bright blue graphical display, dimmable
  • Full metal aluminum remote control included
  • Remote control via RS232. Connector for external infrared receiver
  • Multiple functions accessible via menu: Input sensitivity, individual input names & many more
  • Case made of solid aluminum anodized in silver or black, chrome front available (option)

Technical Data EVOLUTION A5.2T


  • Input senitivity (25 W/4 Ohm): 20 mV–350 mV (adjustable)
  • Input impedance line: 6,8 kOhm
  • SNR line, MM, MC (Phono optional): 97 dB(A), 85 dB(A), 75 dB(A)
  • Frequency range line/Phono (option): <5 hz="">50 kHz, 30 Hz – >20 kHz
  • Intermodulation (25 W/4 Ohm): <0,2 % (mostly K2 and K3)
  • Damping factor: >200
  • Rated power: 2 x 350 Watt (4 Ohm)/2 x 200 Watt (8 Ohm)

FM Tuner Module (option)


  • Frequency range: 87,5 MHz–108,0 MHz
  • Step: 50 kHz
  • Antenna impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Sensitivity mono/stereo: 1,5 µV/50 µV
  • S/N mono/stereo: 76 dB (A)/70 dB (A)
  • THD mono/stereo: 0,1 %/0,3 %

USB DAC Module (option)

  • Sampling frequency: upsampling to 192 kHz/24 bits
  • Frequency response: <5 hz="">50 kHz (depending on input sampling rate)
  • Deemphasis: yes, auto
  • Input data rate optical/coax: SPDIF, 33 kHz–96 kHz/192 kHz/16–24 bits
  • USB input: 48 kHz/16 bits, no special drivers required
  • S/N ratio: 120 dB (A)

Phono Module (Option)

  • Input sensitivity: 50 µV–10 mV (adjustable)
  • Input impedance MM: 47 kOhm // 100–450 pF (adjustable)
  • Input impedance MC: 75 Ohm–1 kOhm (adjustable)
  • SNR MM (5 mV/1 kHz): 83 dB (A)
  • SNR MC (0,5 mV/1 kHz): 79 dB (A)
  • Frequency range: <5 hz="">50 kHz
  • RIAA: accord. RIAA ±0,3 dB


  • Power Supply: 115/60 Hz, 230 V/50 Hz
  • Power consumption (max.): 900 W
  • Standby: <1 w="" li="">
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 130 x 325 mm
  • Weight: 14 kg


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