AVM Evolution MA3.2S Mono Amplifier

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AVM Evolution MA3.2S Mono Amplifier


A stunning sound quality unheard of in this class combined with enormous power and a reduced-to-the-max design make heads turn for the MA 3.2S.  Perfectly machined and handcrafted aluminium cases without visible screws make the MA3.2S an esthetic appearance.  The entire massive aluminium housing also serves as heat sink for the amplifier.  Two MA3.2S combined will add up in width to just all other EVOLUTION components.  In height the MA 3.2S equals the component of the EVOLUTION 5.2 series.  Standard finishes are aluminium silver or black anodised, a chrome front may be supplied as an option.

The MA3.2S has been modified in numerous details over it's predecessor.  An entirely new design main transformer is applied in the MA3.2S.  Tis transformer now has grown as a side effect in height and as a result the MA3.2S gre appts 10mm over previous version.  The new power transformer offers an even more efficient energy yield and it is the same time more tolerant against external AC-mains pollution.  The filter banks have also been optimised in other to come another step closer to our goal:The perfect sound!

The MA3.2 may be connected balanced or unbalanced to matching preamplifiers. In conjunction with AVM preamplifiers like the PA3.2 a comfortable on/off management for the system is in place and handled via the audio connectors without additional cables i.e for the DC-trigger needed.

Separate power supplies for the input and output stages of the MA3.2 ensure a signal processing and handling without any loss in fine details. All signal paths are logically arranged and represent the shortest possible signal path. Class D Amplifier output stages drive all speakers available in the market with ease and extreme control related to the amplifiers high damping factor.

The high efficiency switching amplifier translates incoming music signals to the loudspeaker with an efficiency of over 90 %. Relatively to the music signal very little dissipating heat is produced. The MA3.2 may drive all categories of loudspeakers with ease, even speakers with low efficiency or with very low impedance.

Like all AVM hi-fi components the MA3.2 is carefully developed and assembled by our engineers in Malsch, Germany. Our vendors for housing and electronic parts reside all near-by. This proximity helps us to easily ensure and maintain superb quality level of the supplied parts for the AVM hi-fi components made of these.


Analog Inputs 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR
Power Amp 2 x 430 W [4Ω]
Speaker Outputs 1 Pair
Trigger Inputs 1 x 3,5mm
Product Line EVOLUTION
Product Dimensions 380 x 210 x 100 mm (L x W x H)
Product Weight 25 kg (Pair)


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