Ayon Audio Conquistador Linestage Preamplifier

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Ayon Audio

Ayon Audio Conquistador Linestage Preamplifier

“State of the Art & Cost - no - Object” 

Timeless beauty - elegant, pure and full of innovative technology

This preamp is inimitable with a unique character. With the Conquistador everything started with a blank sheet of paper. Developing and designing a new project you must think unlimited and scrutinize everything. This way the Conquistador was created and it is a highlight in design and engineering art.

Four AA45 Mesh-triodes of our own proprietary production coupled with the unique quadruple VTC volume control, a special circuit design with four separate tube grid bias drivers, and the shortest thinkable signal path underline this absolutely exceptional concept in the world of preamps.

It’s extremely light-footed and joyful reproduction paired with a big soundstage and full of aura incarnate a very special way of sound deployment. This preamplifier shapes and impresses its magical character on the whole chain of reproduction to an extent that never existed before, a magic putting all listeners under its spell. Exactly those are the subtle differences between the so-called super pre-amps and the Conquistador, a pre-amp turning over a new leaf in the story of preamplifiers. We are convinced that the Conquistador will contribute to the way how the Ayon brand will be perceived in the future. 

Tube Preamplifier Ayon Conquistador - Linestage
Class of Operation Pure Class A, SE-Triode
Tube Complement Ayon AA45-Mesh, ECC88 & 5U4G
Maximum Output (at 1 kHz ) 30V rms
S/N ratio

> 98 dB

Input Impedance

> 1MOhm

Output Impedance 30 Ohm
Frequency Response / Line 3Hz - 100kHz
Harmonic Distortion (at 1V ) Line  < 0.01%
Input 4 x Line RCA, 2 x Bal-XLR.
Output 1 x RCA & 1 x XLR
Dimensions Pre (WxDxH) cm 50x43x25 cm
Dimensions P.S. (WxDxH) cm 50x43x13 cm
Weight (Pre & Power Supply) 52 kg net
Specifications subject to change without notice

0 Reviews

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