Ayon Audio Triton Evo Mono Power Amplifier

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Ayon Audio

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Ayon Audio Triton Evo Mono Power Amplifier 

The Triton Mono from Ayon Audio is a power amplifier in the form of monoblocks. The device, in the input section, bases on four low power double triodes JAN 6189W General Electric (military grade, from American stock), the equivalents of the 12AU7. In the power stage we have four KT150 tubes in push-pull, two per channel. All tubes work in pure class A, and the power tubes can work in “pentode” and “triode” mode. In the latter, the output power falls from 130W to the still mighty 80W.

On the front panel, made from very thick, aluminium segments of the cabinet, the Ayon logo is milled, backlit with red light. After plugging-in the unit to the mains (a mechanical switch on the bottom, near the fascia) a special circuit prolonging the tube life is activated. First the heat voltage is soft started, and then the anode voltage is also soft started. At the same time a second circuit tests the power tubes. This is performed by a unique, innovative automatic bias circuit. Its initial calibration is done by the manufacturer or distributor. We can also do it ourselves, for example after exchanging the tubes, but it is worth reading the manual or consult the dealer – this is not an easy task. But when we do it, then the tubes always work in optimal conditions, with the right bias level and anode voltage. Even if they wear off. I will just add, that near the output tubes we have a selector for the working mode. Let me just add, that the transformers are sealed with a material damping vibration and protecting from RF radiation and were closed in brass, chromed cans. The same cans were placed on the two big capacitors from the power supply, visible n the back plate, behind the transformers.


Type: triode or pentode mode, pure class A

Output tubes: KT150

Load impedance: 4 & 8Ω

Output power (pentode mode KT150): 1 x 130W

Output power (triode mode KT150): 1 x 80W

Input sensitivity: 400mV (with a -6dB switch)

Frequency response (0dB): 10Hz - 60kHz

Input impedance (1 Hz): 100kΩ

SNR (full power): 98dB

NFB: 0dB

Inputs: RCA + XLR

Dimensions (WxDxH): 270 x 530 x 250mm

Weight: 31kg

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