Beyerdynamic 718971 hard case

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Type: Accessories

Beyerdynamic 718971 hard case

Sturdy hard case with fabric coating on the outside.
Inside coated with velour. Internal small, pocket attached with hook-and-tie fastener, where you can store small parts (i.e. 6.35 mm adapter).

Fits circumaural headphones such as:

T 70, T 70 p, T 90

DT 770 Edition, DT 880 Edition, DT 990 Edition

DT 770 Pro, DT 770 M, DT 880 Pro, DT 990 Pro

Custom One Pro, Custom One Pro Plus, Custom Studio

MMX 300

Not compatible with DT 440/660/860 Edition and all other headsets with gooseneck mic.

0 Reviews

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