Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Premium Bluetooth Headphones


Type: Headphones

Beyerdynamic Blue Byrd Premium Bluetooth Headphones

  • Extra flat design with high wearing comfort
  • Balanced sound
  • Innovative Bluetooth® technology
  • MOSAYC sound personalization
  • Universal three-button remote control

Free as a bird: beyerdynamic Blue BYRD

They signify the ideal fusion of absolute freedom and perfect comfort: the wireless beyerdynamic Blue BYRD are outstanding Bluetooth® premium in-ear headsets. Like their wired sibling Soul BYRD, they offer stylish design, best convenience and perfect craftsmanship. First-grade listening pleasure, every day and everywhere – with Blue BYRD by beyerdynamic, this promise becomes reality. Their battery lifetime of up to six hours makes these headphones great mobile companions that can be recharged quickly via USB type C.

State-of-the-art technology, personalised sound

With its universal three-button remote for iOS and Android devices, state-of-the-art Bluetooth® technology and the latest audio codecs like aptX™ and AAC, the Blue BYRD headphones combine maximum convenience and best wireless sound quality. Additionally, they feature the audio codec aptX™ Low Latency, which provides perfect lip synchronicity when using the headphones with modern TVs as well as compatible notebooks or tablets. The one technological feature that makes the Blue BYRD truly special is its individual MOSAYC sound personalization. This technology has already proven its superiority when used in the award-winning high-end beyerdynamic headphones Aventho wireless, Amiron wireless and Xelento wireless and is now also featured in the new beyerdynamic Blue BYRD.

Dynamic sound personalisation via MIY app

Hearing is a highly individual experience that changes over the course of a lifetime. Like in a mosaic picture, individual pieces get lost, changing the acoustic picture, rendering it incomplete or fading. Subtle details get blurred out, single frequencies or tones vanish. The innovative MOSAYC sound personalization by beyerdynamic restores the picture, using Mimi Defined™. An individualized hearing profile is calculated after a hearing test in the MIY app for Android and iOS devices.

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