Beyerdynamic T5 Closed Back Headphones


Type: Headphones

Beyerdynamic T 5 (2nd Generation) Closed Back Headphones 

  • Closed high-end headphones for excellent isolation from ambient noise
  • 32-Ohm Tesla driver with optimum efficiency for exceptional sound-neutral transmission
  • Double-sided, detachable connection cable
  • Silky-soft ear pads made from protein-coated leatherette with memory foam
  • Made in Germany


Thanks to Tesla technology, the cutting-edge innovation from beyerdynamic, our hi-fi headphones are equipped with new sound transducers that have the power of more than one Tesla. Due to the higher efficiency, the low-impedance sound transducers of the T 5 p reach the full sound potential, even with low-output devices such as smartphones, tablets, and high- resolution players.

Additionally, the tilted shape of the sound transducers produces a fascinatingly spatial and transparent sound – for a dynamic and authentic musical experience.


The closed design of the T 5 p reliably prevents unwanted noise from getting in, allowing you to submerge into a new world of sound. Usually, closed headphone designs restrict the spaciousness of the audio reproduction. Not with the T 5 p: the tilted sound transducers deliver an extremely spacious sound and a transparency usually associated only with open systems.


The second generation of the T 5 p excels with its silky treble frequencies and a precise bass reproduction. This gives the sound a remarkable harmony and even more substance. In addition to detail richness and neutrality, it also has a certain warmth and musicality – a mix that fascinates every audiophile listener.


Soft ear cushions facilitate music enjoyment for hours and the best possible outside noise attenuation. A memory foam layer makes the ear cushions exceptionally soft. Its premium comfort and perfect fit are also guaranteed by the headband made from protein-coated synthetic leather.


Thanks to its Hi-Res Audio certification, the T 5 p (2nd generation) can handle high-resolution audio files. When played back, these audio files therefore retain all their musical details and come as close as possible to the original recording.


The T 5 p does not only offer a high level of wearing comfort but also an elegant design. The latter is underlined by premium-quality synthetic leather and delicately moulded metallic covers.


Top-quality is embedded into every detail to make the T 5 p a reliable musical companion. Since the high-end headphones combine absolute longevity and reliability, we offer a 5-year warranty.

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