Cambridge Audio C46 In-Ceiling Speaker

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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio C46 In-Ceiling Speaker

Ideal for home installation

Our virtually invisible in-ceiling speakers are loved by home installation experts around the world. With a product for every need, each speaker is designed with a focus on sound quality and tested to ensure they provide wide dispersion and impressive frequency response right across the spectrum of sound.

Our full range is IP65 rated for suitability in high-humidity and dusty environments. Use of plastic in the woofer prevents moisture absorption, produces a wider frequency response and provides greater control over cone movement.Bezel-less construction (except the C155) makes our in-ceiling speakers perfect for seamless, discrete integration anywhere.

BMR Speaker Technology

Minx C46 utilises the same 2.25” Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) driver found in Min 12, combined with a pistonic chamber – ideally suited to speakers placed in ceiling voids. This provides unrivalled sound dispersion and 120Hz – 20 Hz frequency range. The BMR’s wider sound-stage aids flexibility of choosing a final speaker position.  

Made To Please

Minx C46 comes in white – designed to blend in to your ceiling and being practically indistinguishable from recessed LED lighting. You can even paint the trim if your ceiling’s another shade. They’re an easy upgrade to an AV system, adding true overhead sound effects and ideal in rooms where you need clear surfaces – like kitchens. 

Well Connected

Our Minx ceiling speaker is the same diameter as the most popular LED recessed lighting – so you can use existing holes or the same tools to fit it. Standard sprung speaker connectors mean that cable’s easily attached.  


120Hz - 20kHz


8 Ohms


1 x 2.25” (57mm) BMR driver


98 x Ø 88mm (3.6 x Ø 3.4”) Mounting hole required: Ø 75mm (3”)


0.46kg (101 lbs)


1x speaker

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