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Chord Company ChordBurndy cable

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Chord Company

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Chord Company ChordBurndy cable

Note. This is a special order product. Please contact us to find out how you can purchase this cable. 

Hand built to order to suit all high-end audio applications (incl Naim Audio). Available in custom lengths and all pin configurations.

Depending on the equipment being connected there can be between seven to nineteen internal cables. Using cables at this level is not going to be cheap but the difference in performance is pretty fundamental and therefore We feel justifiable. The different Burndys come in at different price levels depending on the number of wires that are needed inside. Each cable in the Burndy has the best shielding system we can produce. Silver-plated copper, Taylon insulation, acoustic braid and an anti-EMF braid all protected by a black nylon outer jacket.

If you are fortunate enough to own a hi-fi system employing standard Burndy connections, this is a cable that you need to audition.

Chord Power Burndy cables

Burndy-style connectors are also used by Naim Audio 300 and 500 amplifiers.  Following on from the earlier ChordBurndy developments (and because we use a 300 extensively in our demonstration room) it made sense to extend our materials investigation to these cables.

In both cases gauge and shielding upgrades gave the biggest improvements. Both cables employ silver-plated copper PTFE insulation all protected with multi-layered shielding.  On the 500 model we have increased the copper gauge to the maximum that the larger pins will allow.

Again, we felt that the improvements were fundamental and very worthwhile. If you have either a Naim Audio 300 or 500 please contact your usual Chord Company retailer and arrange a demonstration or home trial and find out what these cables can do for your system.

Single cable variants:

555 (no.2) 7pin
555 (no.1) 10pin
SXPS 11pin
CDS power Burndy 13pin
NAC252 15pin
Nac 52 Pre 16pin
Snaxo/S-Line 17pin
552 19pin

Cable pair variants:

300 7pin
500 9pin

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