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Chord Company Silent Mount SM5 Isolation Mounts

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Chord Company Silent Mount SM5 Isolation Mounts

4 x 50mm stainless steel spike mounts for racks/loudspeakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

“Not only did these improve every element of the sound, they also made it much easier to properly level my speakers and that improved things still further.”

There are lots of reasons for using Silent Mount isolation devices.  First of all there is the undeniable and obvious improvement in sound quality.  We’ve used these beneath floor standing speakers, beneath speaker stands and beneath racks as well.  In every case, the audible improvements are obvious and consistent.  Better definition, better detail and a greater sense of drive and rhythm.  We also think that image and depth improve as well.

SM5 stainless steel Silent Mounts have been designed to improve the contact between the spikes fitted to equipment and your floor. No matter how hard you think your floor is the pressure that the tip of each spike places on it is extremely high. The SM5 silent mount will make it far easier to stabilise your equipment/rack and will improve the high speed energy transfer.

All Silent Mounts are supplied with a set of self adhesive thin felt pads. If the rack is sited on anything other than a carpeted floor, the felt pads should be fitted to the base of each Silent Mount. The felt pad has been specifically chosen to minimise any vibration between the Silent Mount and the floor and will ensure that you get the best performance. If the silent Mount is being used on a carpeted floor the felt pads should not be fitted.

Each SM5 stainless steel Silent Mount will support up to 50 Kilos in weight.

chord company silent mount sm5 isolation rack mounts melbourne hi fi

▪   Isolates for speakers, racks and components

▪   Hand craned in Japan

▪   Audible improvements when using to definition detail and

▪   Greater sense of drive and rhythm

▪   All silent mounts are supplied with self adhesive

▪   Thin felt pads for surfaces other than carpet

▪   50mm diameter on SM5 & SM5 Titanium

▪   70mm diameter on SM7

▪   Each Silent Mount supports up to 50kg in weight

▪   SM5 utilises stainless steel construction and is designed primarily as loudspeaker isolates

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