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Chord Company Silent Mount SM7 Isolation rack mounts

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Chord Company Silent Mount SM7 isolation rack mounts

4 x 70mm stainless steel spike mounts for speakers and racks. Hand crafted in Japan.

The stainless steel SM7 Silent Mounts are designed to be used with both floor standing and stand mount loudspeakers. Slightly larger than the SM5s (70mm diameter) and heavier, the silent mount will deal with the considerable energy that loud speakers are capable of generating. We use the SM7s with all the speakers in our dem room – and in every case the Silent Mount SM7s improve definition and sound staging, bass instruments in particular gain a greater sense of pitch and timbre, but in truth these improvements are very noticeable throughout the frequency range of the speaker. Music sounds more coherent and there’s a greater sense of performance and involvement.

Like the SM5s the SM7s are supplied with a set of felt pads, in this case though they should only be used if the floor surface is highly polished.

Each SMF7 stainless steel isolation mount will support up to 50 Kilos in weight.

Each pack contains 4 Silent Mounts.

chord company silent mount sm7 isolation rack mounts melbourne hi fi


▪   Isolates for speakers, racks and components

▪    Hand craned in Japan

▪   Audible improvements when using to definition detail and

▪   Greater sense of drive and rhythm

▪   All silent mounts are supplied with self adhesive

▪   Thin felt pads for surfaces other than carpet

▪    SM7 utilises stainless steel construction and is designed as isolates for larger loudspeakers

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