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Dan Clark Audio VIVO Cable

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Original price $539.00 - Original price $629.00
Original price
$539.00 - $629.00
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Dan Clark Audio VIVO Cable

The Dan Clark Audio VIVO Cable boasts a high-quality audio connection for superior sound reproduction. 

VIVO (in life) is the super-premium headphone cable for Aeon and Ether Headphones.

VIVO is a fully custom cable made with silver plated OFHC copper with a carefully designed geometry that not only maximized sound quality but is soft and supple, ultra-light, and non-microphonic. VIVO is based on our critically acclaimed VOCE cables and delivers exceptional ergonomics and a super-smooth and spacious sound.

VIVO is a cable that is so ergonomic and transparent sounding it's easy to forget its there, which in the end, is what a great cable should be! VIVO is included with all ETHER class headphones effective October 1, 2018.


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