Dragonfly Matte White Projection Screen

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Dragonfly Matte White Projection Screen 

These DragonflyTM Matte White Fixed Screens are the go-to choice
for fantastic image quality - a micro-diamond pattern delivers ultra-
wide off-axis viewing while reducing light ripples and glare to create
true-to-life‚ accurate reproductions. From their high-quality screen
material to their quick-to-assemble‚ black velvet aluminum frame
these projection screens guarantee a beautiful image with each use.

 Key Features

Dragonfly™ Matte White Projection Screen with Black Velvet Frame (HDTV, 16:9) 
Dragonfly™ Matte White screens are the go to choice for offering great image quality across a variety of applications. From their high-quality screen material to their quick-to-assemble, black velvet aluminum frame – you will have a great looking projection screen that will ensure a beautiful image every time.

Matte White Screen Material
Our Matte White screen material makes every seat the best in the house! It's engineered with a micro-diamond pattern that delivers ultra-wide off-axis viewing so no matter where you're sitting you get the best performance. Reduced light "ripples" and glare create impeccable color balance and translates to true-to-life, accurate 

Rigid Aluminum, Velvet Covered Frame 
Every fixed screen frame is hand-wrapped with VelTX™ black velvet, providing an elegant finish that absorbs any overscan for the perfect theater experience. The beveled 3-1/4 in. aviation grade aluminum frame is rigid, easy to assemble, and looks great too!

Screen Assembly Is a Snap
Your installer's valuable time is best spent tuning the room for the perfect performance – not assembling and installing the screen. That's why this Dragonfly™ screen has been engineered with SnaPerfect™ technology to provide quicker screen attachment to the frame and an always-tight, wrinkle-free surface for a lifetime of image perfection.

Set It Up, Lock It Down
Dragonfly™ fixed screens include our Set-n-Lock™ mounting system, which features pre-measured tethers connecting the single top and bottom installation bars. This ensures a fast and easy fixed screen wall mount with the ability to slide it for centering to the projector. And unlike the competition, our Set-n-Lock™ includes clips to secure the screen to the bottom rail, keeping it snug to the wall and safe from prying fingers.

Type:   Fixed Beveled Frame with Black Velvet Covering
Screen Material   Reinforced PVC, High Contrast
Aspect Ratio:   2.35 : 1
Frame Width & Depth:   2.5" , 1.375"
Item A B C D E
DF-103-MW/HC-235 103" 40.3" 93.8" 45.1" 99.5"
DF-115-MW/HC-235 115" 45" 105.8" 49.8" 110.5"
DF-125-MW/HC-235 125" 48.9" 115" 53.7" 119.7"

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