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Encel Gelati Bookshelf Speakers

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Encel Gelati Bookshelf Speakers

Enjoying Gelati

Gelati is a compact bookshelf speaker presented in a sharp array of woodgrain finishes with lacquered baffles that offer a strikingly colourful look.

Gelati come in a number of unique flavours like Birch Black, Vanilla, Caramel Walnut, and Pistachio. They’re adaptable to the surrounds of your listening space, with 12 delicious magnetic grilles on offer in shades like Eucalyptus Green, Ocean Blue, Lemon Yellow and Coffee Brown. Swapping them out takes seconds, letting you choose and change your speakers' look.

Designed and voiced in Melbourne, Encel Gelati serve a svelte, engaging tone that performs confidently across a range of genres. Whether you're listening on vinyl, CD, or streaming, they promise a totally absorbing musical experience. Gelati are packaged with a minimum of disposable materials and manuals, with instructions and information available online at

A defining trait of the Encel brand is artistic collaboration, with Melbourne-based illustrator Alice Oehr designing the Gelati’s packaging. And of course, Gelati are manufactured with sturdy, durable materials like MDF and kevlar, meaning their gift of great music will continue for years down the line.

encel gelati bookshelf speakers melbourne hi fi

Key Features

  • 5" woven Kevlar bass cone in a driver that is mounted to a high-power magnet and advanced motor system
  • 1" soft dome tweeter, driven by a ferrite magnet system with a carefully constructed waveguide around the fabric dome for optimal dispersion
  • Rear ported design for deep, articulate and well-integrated bass
  • Locally-modelled crossover, designed with advanced computer software and refined through extensive listening tests
  • Available in a range of colourful finishes and further customisable with a colourful selection of grilles

encel gelati bookshelf speakers melbourne hi fi1

Add Encel Gelati Magnetic Grilles (optional)

Gelati grilles affix to the speakers magnetically with a satisfying click. They are constructed with a wooden frame and draped in acoustically transparent fabric.

Premium grilles come in a rainbow of colours, allowing you to match the speakers with your own style and interior. They use a thicker fabric with slightly larger pores arranged in a crosshatch pattern, making for a pleasant visual upgrade.

Each set of grilles comes as a pair and is compatible only with Gelati bookshelf speakers.

encel gelati magnetic grilles melbourne hi fi

encel gelati bookshelf speakers melbourne hi fi

Setup is relatively easy, and should take around 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Once you have your speakers out of the box, you’ll want to get them connected to an amplifier. First, make sure your amplifier is turned off for the setup process.

  • If you have regular speaker cable, you’ll want to strip away some of the shielding so that the copper wires underneath are exposed. You’ll need around three centimetres of exposed wire at both ends of both lengths of cable. Some cable is pre-stripped, but if yours isn’t you can cut the shielding away with a Stanley knife, just take care if doing so.

  • Once you’ve prepped your speaker cable, just unscrew the red and black terminal caps at the back of the Gelati and at the back of your amplifier. You can then thread the exposed wires through the small holes that run vertically through the terminal binding posts, ensuring that the lengths of cable are running to and from matching coloured terminals on the back of the speakers and the amplifier. If you’re not sure which end is running to which, your speaker cable should have a small red line running the length of one side of the shielding, so use that on the red terminal on both ends.

  • Re-tighten the terminal caps so that they’re comfortably screwed back in place ensuring that the speaker cable wires are secure.

  • If you have banana plug terminations (4mm cylindrical metal plugs rather than just cable) at the ends of your speaker cable, you can plug them straight into the back of the terminals at the rear of your Gelati speakers and amplifier.

  • Once you’ve got your music playing, it’s worth taking some time to optimise your sound. To hear Gelati at their very best, we’d suggest positioning the speakers so that they’re an equal distance from your listening position with a decent amount of space between the two speakers as mentioned earlier. Having the tweeters (the smaller of the two drivers) positioned at around ear level is also important to coaxing the very best sound from them. This might seem quite finicky, but the sonic benefits are well worth the effort!

General description

2-way vented-box/standmount

Enclosure type

Bass reflex

Transducer complement


Bass driver

5”(130mm) Kevlar cone

Treble driver

1"(25mm) Soft dome

Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)


Recommended amplifier power


Peak SPL


Nominal impedance

8Ω Compatible

Minimum impedance


Frequency response(+/-3dB)

50Hz - 20kHz

Crossover frequency


Cabinet Volume (in litres)


Height (on plinth)






Carton size


Net weight


Gross weight


Included accessories

Transparent silicone feet

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