Jack of All Trades

Something old & something new, enjoy the best of both worlds with this one of a kind turntable setup by the crew at Melbourne Hi Fi.

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Looking for a little some old, a little something new, maybe even a little something blue (well, the colour of your fresh new records anyway); look no further than the Jack of All Trades: the ultimate audio all-rounder. Enjoy all the beauty of vinyl records plus wireless streaming thanks to the combination of Pro-Ject Audio’s Recordmaster HiRes and Yamaha’s NX-N500 active smart speakers. 

Throw out the hifi rack filled with multiple audio components, the five different remote controls and the endless cables and connectors. This two-piece collective is the complete audio package. Enjoy multi-room wireless streaming, Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay. Enjoy room-filling analogue audio. Even convert your favourite bootleg albums to high resolution digital files and retain every inch of their quality thanks to the NX-N500’s 32-bit DAC. It’s all possible thank to this stunning new package deal at Melbourne Hifi. 

Streamline your hifi system and create a stunning aesthetic in your home thanks to the Jack of All Trades

Drop the needle

Built on the bones of Pro-Ject’s revolutionary Debut Carbon, the HiRes chassis is a high-gloss finished 1” MDF construction for increased mass loading and the elimination of resonant vibrations. Its 8.6” carbon fibre tonearm increases stiffness and further reduces resonance, making it more responsive and capable of housing higher quality cartridges.


The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge itself is far superior to the previously fitted OM5, offering significantly improved detail and dynamics. And the acrylic platter not only helps to reduce distortion caused by the stylus tracking through the groove of the record, it further opens the soundstage to significantly improve the overall listening experience. 


But perhaps what’s so impressive about the all-new Recordmaster HiRes is it’s internal phono preamplifier with USB out for high-resolution audio recording in PCM 24bit/192kHz or DSD256 11.2 MHz. This is a true ‘audiophile’ recording turntable option. DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is a high-resolution format generating samples rates 256 times greater than that of a standard CD, the highest resolution format available today. And why is that so important? Well, thank’s to the Recordmaster HiRes you can ensure a perfect digital copy of even the highest quality record pressing. Oh, and there’s no need to disconnect it from your system to sample either. The all-new Recordmaster can simultaneously connect to both your amplifier and home PC/MAC. 

Get rich audio quality thanks to the NX-N500’s 2-way configuration. Their 1” dome tweeter with 5” New Advanced PMD diaphragm woofers triumph over highs and lows, delivering deeply expressive low-frequencies and supple highs. Each speaker is individually driven (2 x 45W of analogue grunt) by Yamaha’s discrete configuration amplifier design. It’s a step beyond the competition that often use a single, digital amplifier to power both speakers. Yamaha’s analogue, bi-amp design ensures room-filling detail and tone. It’s a truly fuss-free setup that enjoys all the quality of a tradition amp and speaker combo without the clutter of additional components and wires. 

And to ensure your digital taste buds are served to the highest order, Yamaha have included a high-performance PCM 384kHz/32-bit USB DAC to enjoy serious playback from both PC and MAC OS. Plus, the NX-N500’s inbuilt ESS 32-bit DAC generates its own master clock to significantly improve both the sound quality and the timing of your digital tunes. And when you round it out with a 192kHz/24-bit digital optical input for your television there’s literally nothing you can’t connect to these incredible speakers. 

This Pack Includes:

Pro-Ject Audio: Recordmaster HiRes

Yamaha: MusicCast NX-N500 (pair)

2RCA-3.5 (RCA from the turntable into the AUX input of the speakers)

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