Jimi 2xperience

Jimi 2Xperience

Raw musical power is one thing, style is something else. But the elixir of both in perfect unison is a truly hypnotic experience. And this very combination, both one of extreme musicality and unquestionable style, embodied by the late great Jimi Hendrix,  inspired our most recent audio ensemble. It’s bold, beautiful, and extremely musical. Be swept up by the magic of vinyl records and enjoy music the way the artist intended, there simply isn’t a home listening experience like it.

  • Turntable Pack Melbourne Hi Fi

Thanks to Pro-Ject’s stunning 2Xperience SB with Ortofon 2M blue cartridge, Yamaha’s killer A-S701 integrated amplifier with inbuilt phono for record players and Monitor Audio’s commanding Bronze 5 floor-standing speakers your music is not only dynamic, detailed and expressive, it’s also deliciously attractive. Avoid the manic depression of lifeless audio from smart speakers that look like fashion fads, not style icons, and be the envy of every diner, cocktail or birthday party guest you invite to the home thanks to Melbourne Hi Fi and our stunning new Jimi 2Xperience pack.

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Turntable: Pro-Ject 2xperience (palisander finish)
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Blue (factory fitted)
Amplifier: Yamaha A-S701 (silver)
Speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 5 (black)
Cables: Atlas Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable 2 x2meters 
Pro-ject Connect It E Phono Cable (included with the turntable)


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