KEF Ci3-80QT each


Whispered or shouted, on-screen dialogue and vocals become transparently clear, subtly nuanced and as perfectly located as the speakers themselves.

Ci3-80QT Features and Benefits

Purpose built for flush mounting into ceilings the Ci3-80QT is the latest addition to the KEF Uni-Q Custom Installation Series. The three-way, Ci3-80QT combines 100W power handling and 87dB sensitivity and consists of a polypropylene cone LF driver with the HF unit mounted between two matched size LF units.

Will require an additional 12 volt supply.

The bezel and grill can be painted to match the interior décor.

Architectural Specifications

The Ci3-80QT comprises a Uni-Q® array with a coincident mounted, twin neodymium magnet, 15mm (3⁄5in.) aluminium dome, high-frequency unit, a 75mm polypropylene midrange unit and two 75mm bass drivers. Performance should meet or exceed the following criteria:

Frequency response 1 metre on-axis with swept sinewave shall be 87Hz to 27kHz, sensitivity shall be at least 87dB for 2.83V@1m. The impedance and maximum power shall be 100W at 8 ohms.

Model Ci3-80QT
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 87dB
Frequency Response +/-6dB With back can/rear enclosure 87 - 27k
Crossover Frequency 300Hz, 3kHz
Drive Units (LF / MF / HF) 2 x 75mm / 75mm / 15mm
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-100W
Features Quiet Motorised, Three-way In-Ceiling Uni-Q Array
Product External Dimensions (Height / Width / Depth) 128mm (5.04in.) / 377mm (14.84in.) / 125mm (4.92in.)
Cut-out Dimension (Height / Width) 112mm (4.41in.) / 354mm (13.94in.)
Mounting Depth from Surface (Product only / With back can) 120mm (4.72in.) / -

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