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MoFi Super Deep Cleaner

by MoFi
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MoFi Super Deep Cleaner

Our Best-Selling Fluid for Very Dirty Vinyl LPs: Also Acts as a Pre-Cleaner, Removes Debris from New LPs

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Super Deep Cleaner is made to clean very soiled LPs and also functions as a pre-cleaner for extra dirty records. Super Deep Cleaner can even be used for removing pressing debris and "mold release compound" from new LPs. It's much more powerful than Super Record Wash and should be used as the first step in your cleaning process. As always, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Super Deep Cleaner is made with an exclusive quad-distilled, hyper-pure water base with a mild detergent that leaves no residue and does not damage the surface of your records.

Size: 16oz

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