Music Hall MMF 1.3 Turntable

Music Hall

Type: Turntables

Music Hall MMF 1.3 Turntable 

A belt-driven turntable with built-in preamp at a very affordable price. The MMF1.3 has been designed to deliver Music Hall's trademark best-in-class sound quality thanks to its inherently stable, well isolated and superbly engineered platform, with the addition of sought-after features including electronic three-speed control and inbuilt phono preamp. A pre-mounted cartridge and removable headshell means set up and operation couldn't be simpler.

The music hall mmf-1.3 turntable is a three speed, belt driven, high quality record player at an affordable price. The construction of the mmf-1.3 focuses on simplicity, quality and convenience, incorporating high performance components, electronic speed control, inbuilt phono pre-amplifier and a high quality cartridge and diamond stylus.

  • Three-speed, low noise fully manual turntable
  • Pre-mounted & aligned AT 3600L MM cartridge
  • Aluminium tonearm with removable headshell for superb tracking ability
  • Belt drive, with electronic speed switching: 33/45/78 RPM
  • Inbuilt, defeatable Phono preamp allows connection to normal line level/AUX inputs
  • Ultra precise frequency DC driven AC generator for ultimate speed stability

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