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Naim Audio

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Naim Audio Recordings 

Naim Records 

Independent. Uncompromising. Eclectic.

“...leave in mistakes, provided the intention is good... I want the people, the human beings. I want the smell of cigarette smoke in the atmosphere and I want the feel of hot bodies. The last thing I want is a perfectly made-up corpse. It’s a different philosophy, and I know it sometimes frustrates reviewers.”

“You can certainly call our catalog eclectic... I want variety in my life. I can’t listen to one type of music again and again. I don’t see why a label should stick to one sort of music."

”We will always continue trying to capture that special feeling that only a performance can bring”

“To me, music is a language, and musicians are reading the story a composer has written. I want our listeners to understand what the composer was trying to say and to hear it in a very natural and non-sterile way.“

Julian Vereker - Founder, Naim Records

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