PSB Imagine C3 Centre Speaker

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PSB Imagine C3 Centre Speaker

3-way centre speaker, bass reflex design, rear ported. 2” thick front baffle.


If there has ever been a speaker that represents the latest and most advanced thinking of PSB loudspeaker design, it is the new premium Imagine T3 and C3. PSB's refined designs always consider the large effect that a room has on the sound of any loudspeaker; our design engineers ensured that the T3 performs cleanly and predictably in the listening room. The Imagine T3 and C3 are a spectacular display of clean, well-integrated bass response and pinpoint imaging. The perfect proportion of Sound Power, combined with extremely even frequency response and uniform off-axis response, creates a massive, effortless sounding and precisely detailed sound field.

A Perfectly Matched Centre Channel Speaker

Home theatre enthusiasts can create a perfectly matched surround sound system by combining the Imagine T3 for left and right speaker positions, and the Imagine C3 as the centre channel speaker. The identical voicing of these speakers creates a seamless and expansive sound field. Other Imagine models, including specialized surround speakers in stand mount, wall mount, in-wall and in-ceiling options complete the surround experience. The Imagine C3 is a true 3-way transitional design – unusually sophisticated for a centre channel – that uses the same driver technology as the Imagine T3. The C3 includes two of the 7" woofers, both active at lower frequencies and with different low pass filter frequencies to maintain proper power response, as well as the same titanium tweeter as the Imagine T3. The specially developed midrange driver is unique to the Imagine C3 and is responsible for the excellent speech articulation of this speaker. The enclosure is rear ported and includes a tuning plug to adjust bass output for different placement options.

High Resolution Tweeter

The Imagine C3 is using a hand-selected version of PSB's famous titanium dome tweeter. This 1" dome features a neodymium magnet, high temperature voice coil and ferrofluid cooling, allowing it to keep pace with the high power handling of the rest of the speaker. Several years spent perfecting the production process has resulted in a tweeter with extremely smooth response and amazingly low distortion compared with other well-known tweeter designs. The integrated 'phase plug' is ingeniously designed to extend high frequency response while also creating an 'air spring' that effectively dampens the metal dome's 'oil can' resonance. Although this resonance is beyond the audible range, if not well suppressed it can affect the audible range. Excellent power handling allows PSB to ideally place the crossover point at 1,800Hz, which enhances the dispersion and integration with the midrange driver.

Advanced Driver Technology Reduces Distortion

Proven engineering combined with advanced technology in PSB's all-new drivers reduce distortion and respond more faithfully to musical transient, which is accomplished in two ways. Firstly, a copper cap is precision fitted over the pole piece of the motor structure to dramatically reduce 3rd harmonic distortion. Secondly, a symmetrical drive design is used to create a more uniform magnetic field in the motor (driver) coil which makes the cone motion more linear by reducing 2nd harmonic distortion, especially at high volume levels where the cone motion is greatest. The woofers and midrange utilize polymer coated felted fibreglass cones mated to a high temperature fibreglass voice coil. Rubber surrounds and a highly rigid non-resonant die cast aluminium alloy chassis provide precision alignment of all speaker components for high performance and excellent reliability. Combined with amplitude-perfect acoustic Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossovers, these advanced drivers provide the lowest distortion and highest power handling of any PSB speaker. That says a lot, since PSB became famous for the 10,000 watt Stratus Gold speaker back in the 90s!

Like Fine Furniture

The sleek and distinctive Imagine enclosure was designed by the renowned industrial designer, David Farrage of DF-ID, and carefully engineered by PSB. The Imagine C3 employs seven layers of MDF (a dense, non-resonant wood material) and a unique process that employs space-age materials to create a beautifully curved, yet acoustically inert structure. The front baffle is a massive 2" thick MDF panel that provides a solid foundation for the drive units. The carefully sculpted trim rings around each driver provide a perfect low diffraction transition to the driver cone enhancing off-axis performance while hiding the fixing hardware and dampening unwanted vibrations. The hand-finished cabinet is available in piano high gloss black and in book-matched cherry veneers with a high gloss varnish. The gloss finish reflects other design elements in the room allowing the speaker to blend in to the environment and appear smaller than it really is.

A Heritage of Performance

In a world where most of the once great speaker companies are trading in craftsmanship for mass production, PSB remains true to its founding principles. PSB's Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, carefully voices every speaker. Barton has created a hierarchy of speaker attributes informed by years of experience combined with scientific experiments at Canada's renowned National Research Council. These experiments tested hundreds of individuals in double-blind screen listening sessions to determine what speaker attributes make the most life–like listening experience. PSB has embraced this research and used it to create the most critically acclaimed speaker brand on the market today.


  • Tweeter: 25mm titanium dome, with Neodymium magnet, ferrofluid

  • Midrange: 84mm compressed felt/fibreglass cone, mastic coating

  • Woofers: 2 x 178mm compressed felt/fibreglass cone, mastic coat.

  • Sensitivity: 91dB (89dB anechoic chamber)

  • Impedance: 8Ω (4Ω minimum)

  • Frequency Response: 48-23,000Hz

  • Terminals: 5-way gold-plated binding posts

  • Finish: High Gloss Black, High Gloss Cherry

  • Dimensions / Weight: 622 W x 235 H x 346 D in mm, 15.2kg each

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