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Quadraspire Q6014 Speaker Stands

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Original price $900.00 - Original price $1,300.00
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$900.00 - $1,300.00
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Quadraspire Q6014 Speaker Stands

Never afraid to explore alternative approaches to equipment support, Quadraspire's Q6014 speaker stands are certainly different in appearance. The key to the design is its low mass, despite which it still enables an astounding and unrestricted performance from your speakers.

The Q60s are made from MDF wooden panels, instead of the usual metal construction. The lightweight design gives a warm and well-defined midrange and easily separates instruments and vocals.

It maintains excellent timing and is ideal if you are looking to control low frequencies or an imbalance in your current set-up.


  • Speaker stands 600mm (24”) tall
  • Speaker stands supplied with 140mm wide (Q6014) top plate with optional 180mm top plate
  • Speaker stands supplied with spikes & bump-on feet
  • Centre stand allows 3-tiers of speaker angle increment
  • Centre stand supplied with 320 & 540mm wide columns
  • Centre stand 290mm deep, 110mm high
  • Centre stand supplied with bump-on feet
  • Both available in Bamboo or Black finishes

Optional Add Ons:

Quadraspire Centre Speaker Stands

Designed for variety of center speakers both wide and deep, sound bars can also be placed on the stand.

A stepped design allows speakers to be angled upwards in three increments to optimize center channel audio for given seating position.

Bamboo and all black versions are available. 

Quadraspire 180mm top plate

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