Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier


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Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier

The Roksan K3 integrated amplifier sits between the K2 and M2 integrated amplifiers by Roksan. It is essentially a heavily modified K2 amplifier, sharing the same basic architecture and feature set but upping the power to 140w (8ohm both channels driven) or a whopping 220w through a 4ohm load. These are very impressive figures and as anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to the K3 in our demo room will agree, it certainly delivers! This extra power is put to good use, if pushed this amp will create db levels high enough for any party, however the real benefit is the level of control it gives at sensible volumes, with the ability of creating a very clean and solid bass output from even the most challenging speakers. The K3 is built to a very high standard and, - unusual for a product at this price point - is made in the UK backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty. The solid aluminium front panal for instance is milled by the well renowned German engineering company Burmeister, the chassis comes from a specialist company in Solihull (Birmingham), most of the PCB's are sourced from within the UK and the unit is put together in Roksan's London factory. The K3 carries over the extensive range of connections from the K2 range, including - Wireless Bluetooth / 5 x Analogue Line Inputs / Phono (MM) / Pre-out / Power Amp In (for example connecting to the pre-outs of an AV system). Technical Data: Inputs: Line Level (x 5) Phono Input (MM only) Bluetooth Bypass Bluetooth: aptX technology Input Impedance: 47kΩ Line Input Sensitivity: 440mV @ 140W / 8Ω Outputs: Speaker (L & R) Preamplifier Headphone Output Power: > 140W (8Ω) > 220W (4Ω) Power Supply: 550VA Toroidal Transformer 5 Regulated Supply Rails Frequency Response: 100kHz (-3dB) Gain: 37.5dB (75x) Harmonic Distortion: 90dB (Line Input) Dimensions (W x D x H): 432 x 380 x 102mm (Incl. Feet) Weight: 14kg

Inputs Line Level (x 5)
Phono Input (MM Only)
Bluetooth aptX® Technology
Input Impedance 47kΩ
Line Input Sensitivity 440mV @ 140W / 8Ω
Outputs Speaker (L & R)
Channel Separation 100dB @ 1kHz
80dB @ 20kHz
Output Power > 140W (8Ω)
> 220W (4Ω)
Power Supply 550VA Toroidal Transformer
5 Regulated Supply Rails
Frequency Response <3Hz – >100kHz (-3dB)
Gain 37.5dB (75x)
Harmonic Distortion <0.005% (1kHZ – 14W @ 8Ω)
Power Consumption Standby: <25W
Full Power 2-CH: 8Ω = <330W, 4Ω = <550W
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >90dB (Line Input)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 432 x 380 x 102mm (Incl. Feet)
Weight 14kg

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