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Row One Ambassador Cinema Seating

Row One Ambassador Cinema Seating

Shipping within Victoria only.

Whether you have a small home theatre or a dedicated space for all types of entertaining, having the right luxury home cinema seating can make a big difference in your space. If you are ready to create a home theatre with a unique seating experience, then Row One theatre chairs offer all the possibilities you can imagine.

Row One styling fits any decor or lifestyle. Whether in a media room as a sofa, loveseat and recliner configuration or a row of chairs for a home theater room, this Leather/Vinyl Match is already a market leader. Each chair comes with storage arms that can hold a multitude of items-gaming controls, remotes and a tray. Plush backs with pocketed coil spring seats, fully padded arms and sides for hours of seating comfort. Prestige is very versatile, available in straight rows, or as a sofa or loveseat. 


As you build your home entertainment space, it’s important that your theatre seating fits your room well. Row One won’t disappoint with many different configurable arrangements, including everything from single, manual recliners to motion sofa and motion loveseat formations. Whether you prefer RKO home entertainment seating, ideal for small spaces, or you want to sit in the lap of luxury in Skyline home entertainment seating, you’ll find the options you need with Row One.


Row One theatre chairs also offer the best of both comfort and style. Not only can you easily match your preferred theatre chairs to your home décor, but you can also choose the fabrics, leather, or gel seating that makes your home entertainment space truly comfortable. The minutest details are what make your Row One theatre chairs the best choice, from the mobile headrest to the Bluetooth speakers and the ability to recline into your favourite position.


It wouldn’t be Row One if you couldn’t customise your theatre chairs to your space and your home theatre needs. With these theatre chairs, you can enjoy high-quality home furnishings that make your theatre room look and sound its best.


  • Top Grain Leather with Matching Vinyl sides and back
  • Power Recline
  • USB charging port
  • Oval shaped Black Matte tray table (except armless style)
  • Blue lighted LED cupholder (except armless style)
  • Blue lighted LED base rail lighting strip
  • Deep storage arms (except armless style)
  • Near the wall recline
  • 1.8 mm High Density Foam
  • Lux-Coil pocketed coil spring seat
  • Ganging device included on each chair to connect seats together

Finish: Leather/Split Leather or Full Leather (Special Order)

Row One seats use Top Grain Leather for all parts of the seat except the sides and back which are split leather.

What is split leather? It is used for the sides and back of the chair where the important tactile feeling is not required.

All leather hides have to be split because a hide is too thick to upholster or use in any type of manufacturing. The hide goes into a machine where a blade ‘splits’ the hide into two layers. The bottom layer is known as Split Leather and the top portion of the above process is known as Top Grain Leather.


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RowOne Ambassador Premium Cinema seats - curved configurations






1 x 12H and 1 x 11H


1 x 11H, 1 x 01H, 1 x 12H


1 x 08H and 1 x 12H OR 1 X 08H and 1 x 11H


1 X 08H and 2 X12H OR 1 x 08H and 2 x 11H


1 X 08H and 3 X12H OR 1 x 08H and 3 x 11H


1 x 08H and 4 x 11H OR 1 x 08H and 4 x 12H


2 x 08H


3 x 08H


4 x 08H




1 x 18H and 1 x 12H


1 x 18H, 1 X 16H and 1 x 12H


1 x 18H, 2 x 16H and 1 x 12H


1 x 18H, 3 x 16H and 1 x 12H


1 x 18H, 1 X 01H, 1 X16H and 1 x 12H

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