Solid Tech Rack of Silence Ros 3 Reference Hi Fi Rack - Ex-display

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Solid Tech

Type: Hi Fi Racks

Solid Tech Rack of Silence Ros 3 Reference Hi Fi Rack

The Rack of Silence design is extremely versatile and functional in order to guarantee minimum resonance and vibration. Rack of Silence is available in various wood trim colors as well as black or silver anodized aluminium extrusions. The Rack of Silence comes almost complete pre-assembled, ensuring a quick and easy installation of the sound system. The Apparatus Support system is made of extruded aluminum that is effectively resonance controlled by the fact that both sides are coated with acrylic glass and insulated from the wooden strut with a cork lined underside, even the top is cork lined and offers the apparatus a scratch resistant as well as a resonance-free surface to be placed on.



Width: 700mm

Depth: 500mm

Height: 600mm

Maximum Load:Basic Shelf: 40kg

Basic Shelf Suspended: 40kg

Heavy-Duty Shelf: 80kg

Width between Pillars: 520mm

Maximum available space between the shelves 1-2 and 2-3, = 380mm*. 

*Do not include the unit's feet when apparatus height is measured.


0 Reviews

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