Sonitus Acoustics BigFusor II Massive

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Sonitus Acoustics

Sonitus Acoustics BigFusor II Massive

Bigfusor II Massive is a 2D diffuser made from solid Beech wood. Because of its curved design, besides diffusion, the reflection direction can be controlled very precisely, so we like to call it a 2,5D diffuser. It is a heavy weighted piece of equipment that has almost 0% absorption.
Once you hear it, you will love it !


60 x 60 x 18cm

0+- 0,2%

Solid Beech Wood and Beech Plywood


EB > Ebony / WH > White / Nat > Natural / Mah > Mahagony

cca 25kg

1 pc


cca 27kg

* Special Order for all variants - Please allow 6‐8 weeks delivery.

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