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The Blimey 2 Plus Home Cinema Package

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Melbourne Hi Fi

The Blimey 2 Plus Home Cinema Package

GREAT PRICE.   ONLY $3,059.  VALUED AT $4,391.  

Hurry while stocks last.

This pack includes
  • Monitor Audio 300 Floorstanding Speakers - Black
  • Monitor Audio C150 Front Centre Speaker - Black
  • Monitor Audio 100 Bookshelf Speakers - Black
  • Monitor Audio MRW-10 Subwoofer - Black
  • Yamaha RX-V4A AV Receiver - Black
  • Kordz ONE-SP122 10m 12 Gauge Speaker Cable
  • Kordz ONE-SP142 20m 14 Gauge Speaker Cable
  • SVS SoundPath 3m Mono Subwoofer Cable

Monitor Audio Monitor 300 Floorstanding Speakers

Monitor Audio’s floorstanding Monitor 300 loudspeakers give a room-filling performance with a rich and enveloping bass and extraordinarily detailed audio resolution. Their elegant proportions and contemporary driver styling ensures that they will be a feature of any room.

Monitor Audio Monitor C150 Centre Channel Speaker

The Monitor C150 centre speaker is ideal for cabinet or shelves. The sealed enclosure ensures it can be positioned up against a wall without any detrimental effects to the performance.

The twin 51/2" MMP II drivers work perfectly in tandem to give precise clarity and intelligibility to movie dialogue presentation. This speaker takes any system’s performance to the next level.

Monitor Audio Monitor 100 Bookshelf Speakers

The Monitor 100s are handsome speakers designed to be placed on a bookshelf or mounted on a stand. With their orange bass driver cones and black C-CAM tweeters, they delight both the eyes and the ears.

The Monitor 100s are beautifully proportioned speakers featuring a 61/2" MMP II bass driver complemented by a 25 mm black C-CAM tweeter. With a larger bass driver and bigger cabinet, the 100s deliver a more expansive and punchy sound.

Two sets of binding post terminals on each speaker allow for bi-wiring or a bi-amp set up. To maintain their compact proportions, and to allow positioning in the most confined locations, the speakers are rear ported. The Monitor 100s truly deliver the classic Monitor Audio sound. 

Monitor Audio Monitor MRW-10 Subwoofer

The muscular Monitor MRW-10 powered subwoofer delivers a thunderous bass down to below 30 Hz and offers a totally immersive movie, music, or gaming experience.

The Monitor MRW-10’s rigid cabinet is made from 18 mm thick MDF and accommodates a 10" long-throw MMP II bass driver and a rear port that allows optimal output from the powerful on-board 100 W class D power amplifier.

The Monitor MRW-10 boasts an array of features dedicated to optimising a home theatre system. There are three pre-set EQ mode settings (Music, Movie, Impact) to offer a level of adjustment for all rooms and tastes, and the controls use an advanced DSP based architecture to provide the ultimate in audio flexibility.

the blimey 2 plus home cinema package melbourne hi fi

0 Reviews

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