The rEVOlution Ultra Turntable Package

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The rEVOlution Ultra Turntable Package

The rEVOlution Reaches its zenith...

Evolution has come and arrived at its ultimate destination. Featuring 150w of power and the authority of the Class D-Hypex Ncore amplifier, you won't be lacking in power and control. Also present is balanced and unbalanced analogue connections, digital connectivity including HDMI ARC, a phono stage and WiFi streaming of your favourite services with the StreamMagic app. Driving the impressive KEF R7 floorstanding speakers, imaging and range are coupled with amazing bass levels that are tight and musical. Combined with the quality Pro-Ject X2 turntable and the versatile Tube Box DS2 valve phono stage, this is the intimate package when you want the very best of streaming convenience, analogue detail and the best in room-filling sound.

This pack includes:

  • Cambridge Audio Evo 150 All-in-One-Player
  • KEF R7 Floorstanding Speakers - Black or Walnut
  • Pro-Ject X2 Turntable - Piano Black or Walnut with 2M Bronze cartridge
  • Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 Phono Preamplifier - Black with Walnut Side Panels
  • Chord Company Sarsen Speaker Cable - 6m
  • AudioQuest Golden Gate Analogue Audio Interconnect Cable - 1m

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 All-in-One-Player

Introducing the new all-in-one system, with audiophile sound quality and timeless design. The powerful Evo 150 forms the heart of the new range and features the StreamMagic network streaming platform, versatile connectivity options and the latest in high resolution digital formats.

KEF R7 Floorstanding Speakers

The R7 is the midsized floorstanding member of the new R Series. Featuring two 165mm (6 in.) hybrid aluminium bass drivers and a Uni-Q combining a 125mm (5 in.) midrange driver and 25mm (1 in.) aluminium dome tweeter, R7 outperforms all expectations. Equally at home with music or film, R7 proves to be just as flexible as the rest of the R Series range.

Pro-Ject X2 Turntable

The X2 is carefully tuned to offer only audio-focused features for the best possible price, and due to our decades-long experience in analogue technologies, it's hand-assembled by a European-based factory you can trust. Every effort has been made throughout to not cut corners on cost or sonic ability and the end result is a highly engaging, musical turntable that delivers deep, detailed lows, crisp high frequencies and an engaging well-presented midrange.

Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 Phono Preamplifier

The Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2’s front-panel give you push-button control over your sound, allowing you to customise your settings on the fly to get the most out of your records. 

Whether with a Moving Magnet or Moving Coil cartridge, the Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 delivers rich, natural tones, proving it to be a sophisticated phono stage for the discerning record lover.

Chord Company Sarsen Speaker Cable

AudioQuest Golden Gate Analogue Audio Interconnect Cable

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