Vogels TMM 135 Universal Dashboard mount

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Vogels TMM 135 Universal Dashboard mount

Our secure Tablet Dashboard Mount can make your family getaway more enjoyable by allowing you to mount your tablet securely on your windscreen.

At Vogel’s, we want to take our favourite music and navigation apps with us on long drives, but we don’t want to worry about our tablet falling on the floor.

Our designers drew upon their experience in developing wall mounts to create the TMM 135, a tablet mount that would work well on the road.

To mount on the windscreen, combine the Tablet Dashboard Mount with a Vogel’s Tablet Holder.

You can also use your tablet in the kitchen with our Tablet Flex Pack, while relaxing in the tub with our Tablet Wall Pack, or to entertain passengers in the backseat with a headrest mount.

Key Features

  • Tilt function
  • Easy connect
  • One pivot point
  • Adjust & secure
  • Easy install - no tools required43.95

0 Reviews

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