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Waterfall Audio HF1-250 Subwoofer

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Waterfall Audio

Type: Speakers

Waterfall Audio HF1-250 Subwoofer

• Active subwoofer, compact and closed.

•High definition bass, melodic lows and clean tones with low distortion.

• Connection flexibility for any configurations Hi Fi or Home cinema :

- Audio video amplifier.

- Separated Stereo Amplifier/Pre-amp.

- Integrated Amp / Preamp( with or without Pre out).

- Settings flexibility (active crossover with variable slope, switchable in LFE mode, reversible phase).

• Power management : Auto "on /off".

• Dual Voltage : 110 / 220 V.

Audio Applications

• Hi Fi Stereo 2.1 or Home Cinema 5.1 associated to Waterfall Serio & Hurricane Evo.

• Suitable for rooms 15 to 25 m2

• Best performances if placed in a corner.

• Designed for small spaces : apartments, bedrooms etc…

• Due to the absence of bass reflex exit, can be positioned inside furniture or in a "niche".

Made in France 250 mm 280 mm 260 mm Atohm LD230 Driver (absolute series) Atohm S250 Amplifier White finish D

Technical Data

Type Active Subwoofer Bass Reflex

Recommended Amplifier: 250 Watts Integrated

Peak Power: 350 Watts


waterfall audio hft-250 subwoofer melbourne hi fi



0 Reviews

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