Wilson Benesch Square 1 Loudspeaker Gloss Black inc Stands Display

Wilson Benesch


An advanced composite Assisted Bass Radiator, consumes 75% of the rear wall of the Square One cabinet. This has a number of very important benefits:~ First of all, it immediately reduces the most troublesome part of the square enclosure, namely the back of the cabinet where the greatest level of impact energy occurs.

Secondly the accuracy of the A.B.R. enables a more precise use of the waste energy from the back of the diaphragm. This allows a more accurate response to be produced both in the in the low frequencies and mid frequencies.

Thirdly, it avoids the port chuffing noise that would be unavoidable and easily audible, if placed close to a wall.

Fourth, at the design stage, the level or output of the A.B.R., can be precisely tailored, in a way that is impossible with a port. This enables the speaker, to be tuned for use against walls, without suffering the over emphasis of the bass,that is a common problem with other designs.

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