Wilson Benesch Square 2 Floor Standing Loudspeaker Display

Wilson Benesch

The tweeter enjoys the benefit of its own chamber, as in the A.C.T. This detail improves the response of the tweeter, whilst also protecting the sensitive crossover components from the energy of the main driver. The chamber itself is of course a strong part of the cabinet, being a small enclosed structure. As in all Wilson Benesch designs, the bass driver is precisely tuned, to provide a natural low frequency roll off, that is supported by the precisely vented port at the bottom of the cabinet.

All the Square designs benefit from the Wilson Benesch Tactic drive unit, crossover components, internal wiring and terminal provision. It follows that the character of the Square two, is very similar to the more exotic siblings in the Wilson Benesch marque. Transparent, free of boxy characteristics, fast and accurate.

The New Square Two is a 2-way, floorstanding loudspeaker. The beautifully handcrafted cabinet is extended to give the Square Two a larger air volume to provide more authority and presence.

The latest incarnation of the Square Two sees important developments over it’s predecessor. New wood veneer options sourced and finished in the UK reside beneath the new low profile grill, which is laser cut from two sheets of steel and finished with turned metal links, offering the lowest defraction of any grill.

Like all floor standing designs, cabinet noise becomes more problematic when the cabinet surface area increases, this must be managed and controlled carefully. In the Square Two a multitude of new technologies counter the problem to defeat cabinet resonance before it begins.

We’ve only heard a handful of speakers that come close to the Square Two’s almost supernatural ability to respond to the leading edge of notes

What HiFi Magazine, 2007, Original Square Two

Visible at the rear Impact Zone of the cabinet, Assisted Bass Radiators, developed by Wilson Benesch, absorb the energy from the powerful Tactic Drive Units and dissipates it as heat, significantly reducing cabinet noise.

Perfectly manufactured, beautifully designed, integrating very high quality transducers, the Wilson Benesch Square Two speakers suit perfectly any home interior. They deliver a musical message with a surprisingly extended bass presentation and have the ability to be adapted to the tastes of the listener by simply altering their position…

Patrice Philippe, Haute Fidelite, France, 2013

Internally, the carbon composite technologies that are used in the Odyssey Range have been added to the Square Series in the form of internal bracing. High and Medium mass alloy pads, add critical mass damping to the Square Two cabinet panels. These measures reduce the noise floor, and allow the listener to hear the subtleties of the high performance drive units, all of which come from the same shelf as the highly acclaimed, award winning Odyssey Series.

Original Square Series Awards

‘BEST STEREO SPEAKER £2000+’, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2007 (UK)
***** Review, What Hi-Fi Magazine, 2007 (UK)
Awards for Wilson Benesch Square Two Loudspeaker

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