Wilson Benesch Square Centre Gloss Black Display

Wilson Benesch

As a discrete component, it provides building block flexibility, with high output acoustically matched performance. As the rear wall forms an intrinsic part of this design, the two A.B.R.’s in this case, are located in the side of the enclosure. Both the mid range, and bass driver, benefit from the A.B.R. Like all Wilson Benesch loudspeakers that use two or more Tactic drive units, it is a two and a half way design, so phase is as pure as possible.

Significantly, all these designs are capable of being enhanced by adding the Torus Infrasonic generator.

By extending the frequency response well beyond 20 Hz, they are capable of providing a quality of performance that is well beyond many ‘high end’ systems costing significantly more.

Type: Speakers

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