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Yamaha SR-B40A Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

by Yamaha
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Yamaha SR-B40A Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer

A Brand-New Immersive Sound Experience

True Sound With Dolby Atmos

Yamaha’s True Sound engineering draws on our extensive experience in sound and sound field creation. Futher enhanced with Dolby Atmos®, the SR-B40A fully immerses you in a sonic universe while enjoying your favourite music, games, or movies.

yamaha sr-b40a soundbar and wireless subwoofer melbourne hi fi1

Experience The Unique World of Surround Sound

From intense action scenes to absorbing dramas, enjoy and bask in the latest cinematic experience that fills every corner of your room with expressive sound. With its precision-crafted speakers and advanced high-quality audio reproduction technology, the sound field created by the SR-B40A envelops you and transports you deeper into the story as it unfolds on screen.

Customise Your Sound With Dedicated Tone Controls

Newly designed tone controls (via our dedicated smartphone app) allow you to tweak the sound to your desired state, while still remaining true to the content. The result is an expansive sound field with ideal tonal balance in which every element of the sound shines with stunning clarity, enhancing the unique qualities of any and every entertainment source.

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Thrilling, Room Filling Bass

For a powerful sense of floor-trembling realism right in your own living room, the wireless subwoofer expertly creates the low-end punch and texture you need—putting you right in the heart of the action.

yamaha sr-b40a soundbar and wireless subwoofer melbourne hi fi4


Clear Voice

Our Clear Voice technology has been improved to make human voices even more audible. Use the Clear Voice feature to hear every word – from YouTube videos to movies and shows, especially when background music and sound effects try to take center stage.

Four Sound Modes

Four different sound modes are accessible, making it easy to match the sound to the content being played and the desired mood. Standard mode is ideal for TV shows, while Stereo mode is best for music and concert videos. Try Game mode to immerse yourself in your latest battle, and use Movie mode to create an expansive theatre experience.

Bass Extension

Whenever you want more bass, use the Bass Extension feature, for a broader and more muscular presentation. Enjoy content with more power and presence.

Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use

HDMI-CEC and eARC compatibility allows you to connect this Sound Bar to your TV with a single cable, and use your TV remote to operate basic functions on the SR-B40A. For even more detailed control, you can conveniently adjust the volume and change sound modes with the included remote or Yamaha's dedicated Sound Bar Remote smartphone app.







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