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Review: AVID Acutus SP Turntable

Review: AVID Acutus SP Turntable

Your search is over: End-game performance, prestige parts, convincing price, only at Melbourne HiFi.

Yes; we are sure of that.

When you think of the word "Turntable," with rare exception we likely already know what you see; a circle of variable thickness sitting atop a rectangle of variable thickness, each weighing as much as a small moon, and - with a few notable concessions, of course - looking rather like… well… a toppled headstone. While this admittedly proven design aesthetic holds merit, it tends to look - irrespective of brand or purported performance gains - bland. Uninteresting. Old-hat.

Far be it for us to say there's no place for a classic looking system; the trickle-down nature of audio technology alone means there are occasional moments of relative brilliance, but if you're reaching for the stars, why opt for the same kit you did when you first started on your analogue-audio odyssey? Why limit yourself to what’s already been done?

Instead, we would invite you to step into a different world, and redefine what you thought the limits of audio reproduction could be; a journey.

A new dimension for your music.

This is where the AVID Acutus roars into play, and where the adventure begins: More than a mere turntable, it is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing, statement piece; a testament to the incredible engineering prowess of the lunatics at AVID in the UK - the mad scientists responsible for this behemoth creation - that defies convention in more than just appearance. This is a tangible piece of physical art, built to extract every ounce of potential from another, more fastidious format.  From the incredible suspended platter and postmodern three-foot chassis, to the separate motor assembly and external power supply (which doubles as electronic speed control), the Acutus is an industrial and engineering marvel built around the exacting requirements of the modern music-lover.

The core of the Acutus Reference SP is it’s enormous, reference-grade linear power supply able to provide voltage many times in excess of that required by the unit’s motor. Offering a noise floor low enough to defy belief, and paired with a dual-belt drive system to maintain stable grip and speed (with an accuracy that would be unerring did it not sound so good, I might add), the chrome-plated Acutus sends a very clear promise to the uninitiated - and a tantalising reminder to those already under the sway of analogue perfection: "you will truly hear your vinyl for the first time."

What about the special sauce?

While the foundation for any turntable - as a whole - lies with a plinth, platter, motor, and power supply, all manufactured to the most unrelentingly tight tolerances, it would be remiss of us to offer a package which did not include a tonearm and cartridge, and it would be insulting if they then did not meet the almost impossible promise of the Acutus itself. A turntable as exceptional as this requires considered and deliberate matching of parts, after all, and there is an overwhelming level of choice on the market. This package is, accordingly, bundled with tried and tested parts designed to extract every detail from your most beloved albums.

The incomparable - and aptly industrial looking - Dynavector DV-507 Mk.2 tonearm was chosen for its versatility, performance, and a degree of future-proofing, and includes the necessary AVID mounting hardware. This monumental design offers fine calibration beyond the wildest dreams of most users, and thus offers essentially endless cartridge choice further down the line, while offering both build and sound quality at a level well beyond even its considerable position in the market. 

To match this pairing of legendary components, the final touch is a Dynavector DRT XV1t cartridge. As a high-end Moving Coil type cartridge, the XV1t errs on the side of lightning-fast detail and dynamics, but is anything but anaemic in tone; its wonderful responsiveness and speed feels equally at home with most musical genres, offering glorious depth and stage width and rewarding your investment with the ability to hear your collection as if for the first time, every time. Whether your taste involve the richest classical guitar, the densest orchestration, or the most abrasive of experimental genres, the XV1t breathes fresh life and perspective into its reproduction. It is a cartridge of rare calibre in an overcrowded market, and a truly worthy crown for a system bedecked with some of the finest parts in the world. As a Dynavector cartridge, it is also matched exceedingly well with the DV-507 Mk.2 Tonearm, easing a certain degree of the installation complexity due to this pre-existing dynamic.


So are you ready?

Whether you are looking to relive your favourite musical memories at this level after decades of dreaming, want to dive headlong into a journey of discovery - should you have not already explored the world of vinyl, or are simply looking for a visual statement piece for an already-stratospheric HiFi system, this package has been built to impress at a price never to be repeated.

Please note that all components are 100% brand new, Australian-delivered stock, and will be assembled & calibrated in-home at no additional charge. (Metro Melbourne Only)

Should you wish to further discuss this package, would like any additional details, require assistance selecting additional accessories or components - or even a full system to match - please don't hesitate to contact us at our Hall Street office and showroom via phone, email, or text.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This legendary package is being offered in two variants, with an option of power supply to the first one sold;


  1. As a brand new Acutus SP, Dynavector DV-507MkII, Dynavector DRT XV1t Cartridge, AVID Pulsare II in Black, AVID accessories, and Ex-Display REFERENCE Power Supply,


  1. As an ex-display Acutus SP supplied with an SME IV Tonearm and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge, and “standard” Power Supply.


Pack Contents (NEW):

  • 1 x AVID Acutus SP Turntable
  • 1 x AVID Acutus Reference Power Supply (black / chrome buttons)
  • 1 x AVID Pulsare II Phono Preamplifier (black / chrome buttons)
  • 1 x Dynavector DV-507 Mk.II Tonearm (silver)
  • 1 x AVID Dynavector Tonearm Mounting Plate
  • 1 x Dynavector DRT XV1t Moving Coil Cartridge
  • 1 x AVID Cover
  • 4 x spare AVID Turntable Belts

RRP: $82,999 (Reference PSU)

SALE PRICE: $49,995


Pack Contents (Ex-Display):

  • 1 x AVID Acutus SP Turntable
  • 1 x AVID Acutus Reference Power Supply (black / chrome buttons)
  • 1 x AVID Pulsare II Phono Preamplifier (black / chrome buttons)
  • 1 x SME IV Tonearm
  • 1 x AVID SME Tonearm Mounting Plate
  • 1 x Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge
  • 1 x AVID Cover
  • 4 x spare AVID Turntable Belts

RRP: $40,298 (Standard PSU)

SALE PRICE: $26,999

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